Md Mahiuddin Hossain

MAHI (Nickname)
Age- 22

Md Mahiuddin Hossain

I am Md Mahiuddin Hossain have purchased my first Computer on 23rd May of 2013; when I had started my diploma in Electrical engineering here in Bangladesh.

Then, after one year of constant learning on essential applications, I had found my interest in the online marketing related task. Then, from a Local SEO Agency (Jessore IT) I had got an internship after passing their interview.


I was in that company for one year. In Jessore IT, I had done a lot of link building work instructed by them such as web 2.0, link wheel, directory submission, social bookmarking, blog commenting and some of the internet research related work. I also had to do some graphics related task there like product image processing for Amazon, Quote creation, graphics modification, etc.

After that, I had left that semi- full-time job and was trying to get online jobs through marketplaces like Upwork and got some work.

After some days, I had realized some fact, and I got the decisions to learn real things. Then besides my college, I started to learn by enrolling in some courses both offline & online (Udemy, Lynda, Google Academy) and purchased a couple of domain+ hosting to implement what I was learning.

In 2016, I had completed my diploma and learned enough tactics about Digital Marketing particularly SEO, Keyword research, Diversify link building (yes, quality links including guest posting, guestographics, etc. ), On & Off Page optimization, tier-based link building, etc. I am still learning and It shall be continued.

I had also started to use premium tools in the meantime. After that, I have started to do online marketing related task. I am serious about this industry.
That’s it in sum.


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